Tips for an Adult Disney Trip

Sam and I love going to Disney, and have been blessed to visit the parks rather a lot since we've been together. With of course, our dream Wedding at Walt Disney World in 2014.

Totally appreciating Disney isn't for everyone, but it makes us so happy and we could never be without it in our lives.

If you're off to Disney with friends, your partner or maybe even family, here are some great tips to help you with your Disney trip on an adult visit.

Use EMH hours
Either with staying on site or through your annual pass.
You'll get a lot done in the morning, with photos around the parks, rides that are open and characters that you can meet.
This means you can pop back to the resort to enjoy it, go swimming in the pool or enjoy a lunch time dining reservation.
Staying onsite is great
I think it adds a little more magic and luxury to the visit, and although it's not needed [especially if you're on a budget] I think it's a lovely treat. You also don't have to worry about parking fee's or having a designated driver if you'd like a few drinks. The Disney transport is great, and perfect if you fancy a few Glowtini's!
If you can't stay onsite, think about resort hopping. Trying different restaurants around the resorts or even just popping to the shop is the perfect way to nosey around the hotels, planning for your next trip.

 Eat at lovely restaurants
Something that Disney is so good at. They have so many places to try to experience. You're of course going to find children everywhere, but certain restaurants still feel very special and perfect for a date night or a treat meal. We love California Grill at  Walt Disney World and loved trying Walts for the first time at Disneyland Paris.

Get into the spirit
Thinking it's a kids holiday won't do you any good, or that it's just a "theme park". You have to go all out or you won't enjoy the experience. Wear the Minnie ears, dine with your favourite characters and just have fun. You're at awesome is that.

Avoid School Holidays
If you don't have to go when the kids aren't at school- don't! It will be a lot quieter in general, so you'll be able to get more done and enjoy the parks so much more.
We love September to October at Walt Disney World, June, July, September and October for Disneyland Paris. We our visiting at the start of December for Christmas season this year too.

Enjoy the parks at night
The parks at night are gorgeous and so romantic. The shows are fireworks and a dream, and riding your favourite rides in the dark can be so much fun. Wishes is possibly is the best thing ever! There's also so much more to do in the evening around the the resorts, Disney Springs and Disney Village too. How about watch the fireworks from Grand Floridian, pop by The Boardwalk after your day at Epcot or head over to Disneyland Hotel after the parks close.

Remember shows and special events
They're likely to be busier around this time, but they're lots of fun and a lot of them are for the adults fun. We love Food and Wine festival, drinks and food at even more countries at Epcot is perfect and dressing up at the Halloween Soiree is amazing at Disneyland Park.

Drink Around the World or The Lake
More alcohol, but it could be a mocktail or how about a snack as you're going around. It's a great way to see world show case and experience some of what the awesome countries have to offer. If you're at Disneyland Paris, how about drinking around the Disney lake- we went from Santa Fe hotel to Disneyland Hotel.