Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

I was so thrilled when we found out that the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival would be on whilst on holiday to Walt Disney World.

Having tried Food & Wine, and totally loving it, we were soon making our list of snacks to eat and cocktails to drink.
Flower and Garden Festival brings everything I love to Epcot, and is a large reason why it's #2 on my park list. With many stands and stalls featuring their own special food and drink for different countries and cultures, it also adds the prettiness of the beautiful flowers and bright colours spread all around the park.

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival runs for the start of March until the end of May, so although it's over for this year, we still wanted to share our photos and thoughts from it, because we loved it that much. Even though I much love the Autumn months at Disney, I'd go as far as to say we'd come back between these months to experience this festival again.

The topiaries are totally stunning and fill the park with wonderful characters mixed with stunning flowers. You'll find Winnie The Pooh in the UK, Beauty & The Beast in France, Woody in the USA and even Donald makes an appearance too.
These gorgeous sculptures are the perfect way that Disney mix magic into nature and everything about this world, exactly what EPCOT is about.

Although flowers are one of my favourite things, food and cocktails may just beat it and at the Flower & Garden Festival you'll find many of both those things.
Not only do the normal pavilions have special festival food and drink to offer, there are many added stands and carts out sell even more.

 We ticked off a lot of the food and drink off our bucket list, and tried much more too. The selection is amazing and most extremely instagrammable too.
Spending our days walking around World Show Case, eating and drinking as we go is possibly one of the best things and some how makes us feel so at home there too.

Although we would have loved more time there, we spent an afternoon and a morning filling in our food passports and trying out what they had to offer.

What Food and Drink to try
The Violet Lemonade is a dream, believe all the hype.

Rose Slush and Raspberry/Chocolate macaron from France were the perfect combo.

The Margarita from Italy was amazing.